This past weekend I had the chance to go on a ladies retreat with a couple churches. It was an excellent weekend full of fun and learning. However, on the Saturday , I learnt just how out of shape I have become.

A few of us girls went out on a little walk and it was a beautiful sun filled day. I knew I was in trouble before we left the property . I felt my legs protesting before we left the property. I had a bit of reprieve at the first property we came to, a GOAT FARM.


The hill! I saw it coming and wanted to walk away right then, but I was with others and didn’t want to look weak. I looked back the way we came, longingly wishing I was back there at the camp. Then I looked at the hill and decided that I would do it. My body was protesting all the way and I had to fight every step of the way . The girls were asking if I was okay and I kept saying yes, even though I felt my chest pounding heart because of the workout I was giving it. Almost a few dozen steps from the top I had to concede and stop. “I have to go back down ” I announced . After protesting that they could keep going on that I’d be fine going down we ALL went back. Down hill was definitely easier than up.

Last year I had knee surgery after tearing a ligament in my right knee a few years before. It felt like forever the recovery process. After this past weekend I’m ready to get healthy and lose weight. Next year that hill will be conquered all the way . This was motivation for me and living here in BEAUTIFUL BRITISH COLUMBIA there are many more hills to climb. ¬†Below is me after the walk. I hate how I look in this picture but it’s going to change. Here’s to a new me in the upcoming year.