The end of the school year means that I can stand (or sit) back and contemplate the year but instead I find myself reminiscing about years past. My adventure began when my second born was 12. Public school was always a hardship for him and he hated school. I remember being so heart broken leaving him on the school steps as he was crying and the principal assuring me he would be okay. It wasn’t okay and the years never got better. We eventually bought a house in a small town and school here wasn’t any better. About 2 years after we moved here I started attending a local church and there were quite a few homeschoolers attending. I thought about it but decided that was out as I only had a high school education.  God had other ideas though and over the course of the year that my son was in 6th grade HE changed my heart and so son #2  began his 7th grade  at home.


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