Pumpkin Part 3

One day Pumpkin wanted to bring a birdie into the house, I had to laugh because it brought to mind my husbands long deceased rottweiler Luger. I can’t recall how many mornings I would stumble out of bed and head down the hallway only to find myself being halted by a furry being at my feet. Upon turning on the lights and glancing down to see it was a mouse. He would kill mice and leave them for us to find. Needless to say a flashlight would be at my disposal after a few encounters of the furry kind.

Living out in the country a good mouser is necessary. We had one other cat before Pumpkin and she was a good mouser. Her name was Licorice,not as loving as Pumpkin but entertaining to watch. She could torture a mouse into a heart attack.

Back to Pumpkin , one fatal day he disappeared just as mysteriously as he appeared. There was no sign , no inkling that foul play was met . I would like to add here one day last summer I heard a commotion in the front yard and upon going to look a magpie, fox and Pumpkin all took off in different directions. I would also add that the commotion all seemed to come from the magpie. I often wondered if the fox and the cat were allies that day.


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