The upcoming school year the last two J boys remaining at home will be entering 9th and 11th grade . As a homeschooler the joy in picking out curriculum is immense(maybe it’s just me) and high school is no different. Last year 3rd born J tried distance learning only to discover didn’t mesh with him and I ended up withdrawing him second semester due to reasons I shall relate at a later date. This upcoming year for grade 9 we will be using for math Bob Jones . We had tried Saxon as I thought maybe that type of review might be beneficial for him but that was not the case and went back to BJU which is his preferred math and we used this from k with a little side of Math u See in early elementary . For the English portion we are continuing with Christian Light For grammar and Literature . For writing I will be purchasing Essentials in Writing. Due to his handicap he struggled with printing for years and has been making great gains with cursive in the past couple years so we will continue using cursive . For science we are using Apologia which my youngest J prefers. In social studies we have been using Mystery of History and are about finished the third edition. After which we will use Canadian history to finish the year . Bible study will consist of the Bible and BJU . And Spanish 1 will round out the studies . Grade 11 will consist of Christian Light math , BJU grammar , Essentials in Writing,BJU literature, Canadian geography, and Apologia Chemistry . I hope he will change his mind on the second language and to round out school worldview will be studied from a Biblical view. This year I hope to have them read more classics as they had in the past elementary years . They go through phases in what interests them. I am looking forward to the upcoming year but first summer beckons.


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