Palms and dreams Part 1

When I was in elementary school we had a reader Friends Far and Near . In it’s pages was a story from the South Seas , I loved looking at the pictures and wanted nothing more then to see a real palm tree. There were other places I wanted to visit that captivated me. The snow capped peak of Mt.Fuji and the cherry blossoms of Japan. The lovely countryside and medieval villages of England. But none captured my imagination and held me in thrall as the South Seas or more specifically the palm covered beaches. I dreamed of going to Tahiti or Fiji. Oh my heart yearning  for a true glimpse.                                                                                                                           When I was sixteen my mom allowed me to go to Hawaii for a week with a friend and her mom. How exciting that was . Unfortunately by then my childish dreams were wrapped in layers of teenage thoughts and rebellion and I as much as I loved Hawaii I never truly appreciated the beauty that surrounded me. ImageImageImageImage


One thought on “Palms and dreams Part 1

  1. I was jealous you got to go to Hawaii, but I did love the Hula dancer figurine you brought back for me 🙂 Hawaii is on my Bucket List of must sees & do’s: must see lava pouring into ocean, must stay in house by waterfall, must go to luau, must swim with wild dolphins.

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