Learning to read at home.

When I embarked on this homeschooling journey that God called me to I was still afraid of teaching my children to read. You see, I was lead to believe that was the schools responsibility and me a mere mom was unable to as I was not a teacher with a degree. I have 4 boys the first born and second born were not proficient readers at the end of grade one. They were public school students . The first born J went through to grade 12 in public school and the second born J to grade 6 when I took him out. My first born was doing decently in school and I think he was entering grade 10 at that point. My kids are spread out. One one hand there are the now 28 and 24 year old and on the other the 16 and 14 year old. Anyway, I do not in my heart feel that I was led to homeschool him so he stayed where he was and I know that it would have been against his will. But like I said I was called to do this and if God said him to I would have.When my first little J was ready for kindergarten I promptly bought a nice phonics program by Christian L iberty and a pretty colourful math book from Horizons. I soon switched to BJU math before the end of k and he ran through those books and quickly started reading and this was pretty much 1/2 way through the year. I then bought these cute Amish readers in which one of the stories one of the boys gets hauled to the barn for a spanking for being very naughty which both my boys when they read it got a good laugh. They loved those Amish children’s adventures . I also used my Ginn readers and between those sets of readers 3rd J was reading nicely by the end of that first year. My 4th J was not as fast ,you might remember he was the one with cerebral palsy. I went through a few different phonics programs before finding Get ready , Get set ,Go for the code which only taught consonants after that the vowels and reading came easy. Once he started reading there was no stopping him. I’m very happy to say that those 2 boys are excellent readers and I thank God for the opportunity afforded me to oversee there beginnings in reading adventures.ImageImageImage


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