Canada’s Two Seasons

I always have mixed feelings of living on an acreage.  In the winter I want to be in the city. In the summer I wouldn’t trade country life for the city. We live an hour out of the city and traversing the highway in the winter could be a very treacherous affair. If it has snowed the roads will be icy and I for one do not wish to endanger my life for the second time. About seven years ago I had gone to the nearest big city and the day started out nice but by the afternoon it took a turn for the worse and as we were driving home a blizzard was going on. We could not see too much in front of us so we were traveling at a much slower pace. All of a sudden the snow cleared and in front of me were two cars that were turning off the highway into a gas station parking lot. As I pulled the brake to slow myself and go around I noticed a semi had hit the ditch and so I was going to have to drive in between those two cars and the semi as I couldn’t bring the car to a sudden stop without sliding into the car in front as it was very slippery. Well as I did I caught on ice or something and it pulled me into the ditch right into the side of that semi. I need to remark that we stopped just before the car went under the semi. My car was in waist deep snow we were okay but now my car was sticking partly on the road and partly into snow so deep it was impossible to get out off. My second born J who was around 16 at the time and proceeded to push us out . I will say here that if the Good Lord had not helped him we would not have got out as I said it was deep. He later said that if God wasn’t there he would not have been able to get us out. Remarkably we were able to drive into the gas station and right as we came to a stop the car was finished. Totaled.  Not a life left in her. We just sat there in shock for a bit. Needless to say I’ve hated winter driving since that day. Before that I’ll admit I drove throw storms, blinding blizzards and fog so thick it you could cut it with a knife . But no longer unless its needed. Call me chicken that’s okay. I can live with that. It’s not always gloom and doom . The winters bring a certain beauty . The hoarfrost clothes the trees in such lacy attire. The moonlight causing the snow to glitter like millions of tiny diamonds.  The summers though bring us out in the evenings . The sound of crickets and frogs singing to one another. The chirping of birds as they serenade  is something I would miss. Tranquil mornings on the deck reading and having a coffee while the rest of the world is just getting up. Summers are bliss and I couldn’t image living in the city during the summer. Nature at it’s best. Storms are beautiful also.  Watching lightening hit the ground out in the fields revealing the power of nature.  Alas, the summer is cut short and winter is knocking at it’s door. Oh to be able to not answer when it does.                                          Those J boys have had a bit of fun growing up in the country. Husband J would pull oldest J on his skies in the truck. Second J playing army in the bush. Everyone playing hide and seek. The country brings freedom for the kids. There comes a time though when the need to be back among “the masses” happens . It happens with the first snowfall and doesn’t disappear until the last snowflake has fallen.






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