Sights Sounds Smells of Summer.

As I walked around today my ears picked up the faint sound of a bunch of bees buzzing in the Caragana bushes in the yard. It was hard to hear them over the din of the farmer across the way from us running his machinery. But it was there. I remember growing up and we had those same bushes growing out the front door. Okay maybe not the same ones but you get the idea. I used to love the outdoors. In my youth ,you would find me playing with my dinky cars on the driveway. Playing cowboys and Indians on my bike with my trusted shotgun by my side. Playing Black Beauty with my sister who wanted to be Black , I was more then happy to oblige as I wanted to be Vicky anyway. I was actually surprised my sister didn’t grow up to be a veterinarian.  My recollection of her growing up was she loved horses. Enough reminiscing  , as I walked surrounded by clover which has a delicate scent I had to be careful as the bumbles were also enjoying not only the yellow flowers of the Caragana  but  the tasty white and pink clover blossoms. Sitting on my deck if I close my eyes I’m bombarded with the scent of the farm field planted with  rapeseed. I’m always grateful when he plants that because the smell is so beautiful. I cannot describe with words the sweet sweet smell that overtakes all other smells this time of year. Listening to the nature surrounding my little paradise is relaxing. The birds , insects, cattle , dogs and even the farm equipment can loll me to sleep. I have been wishing as of late that I had a hammock. I would lay in my hammock with a good book and a cup of tea and pass the time in such a matter. Pure joy. Now if only winter didn’t come to spoil my idyllic life.


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