Disappointed Much

After years of dreaming of having a business hubby has decided to make it a reality. Mechanics, towing, and scrap to be exact. Business name and a nice shop in a good location he’s good to go. As a homeschooler I always enjoyed when my 3rd born went with his dad and helped out on business when their was towing to be done or deliveries to be made. I always envisioned a family business. In fact , the first name we had was Three Guesses a play on our name. I am disappointed today though as the reality of starting a business venture sunk in. We had plans to visit some friends we hadn’t seen in a while and my husband informs me that a job needed to be done TODAY of all days. There are just two working my hubby and his buddy. So unfortunately that means that the day off he was anticipating is not going to happen. The sacrifices to get the business off the ground might seem disappointing now but I know in the long term when work is booming and things are good these little set backs will be looked upon as trivial. Long days , early nights and early mornings are par for the course for him . My one real big disappointment is that my 3rd son is rebellious at the moment and has no desire to take part in this adventure. Something a year ago he would have loved is now discarded like a childish dream. You see my husband Big J had hopes that he and 3rd J would be working side by side . Little J is waiting to see where he could fit in to this business , knowing that his disability won’t allow for the actual shop duties. There is a place it’s just not realized yet. As for today, instead of wallowing in disappointment any longer I will look to the future and be encouraged that through everything  this world brings my hope is on Jesus . Sadness, rebellious teens, hurt , God carries me through it all. 


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