At church on Sunday the guest speaker started off talking about blessings. When I came home I started to read the first chapter of a Smith Wigglesworth book. It talked about blessings. Hmmmm. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook a blessing/s  when things are going bad or even too good . When circumstances are bad we sometimes cry “where’s God? ” when good we might forget God in it. This past 1/2 year God reminded me of how he blesses in the bad.                                                                                                                         My husband fell ill just before Christmas. Things were going great. Job was good, we just bought a new van , we were going to visit our oldest son up north for Christmas. For a while my husband had been  complaining about pain and more and more he needed to use a cane at home . He finally decided to go see a doctor and had blood work done and so off we went to FT.Mac to see family. We had a very blessed time with our son and daughter in law, my brother and sister in law and my dad and sister .  But we had to eventually come back to reality . The tests showed nothing conclusive . My husband went back to work and they laid him off as soon as they found out he was ill.                                     He went on medical EI and let me tell you that was a piddly amount. I was attending a weekly bible study and the ladies were so kind and blessed me with collected change that amounted to a goodly amount. One day I was going to go to the grocery store afterward bible study when I was handed a cheque and some cash from a couple of ladies and gift cards from the church for the local grocery store. What a blessing that was. I think at the time I all I had was 4 dollars and wanted fruit but needed margarine. That was a blessing that day. God knows our needs and if we just take time to see , we will see he is there in our corner.  There are family that he uses to bless us and our needs and without family we are indeed lost. My oldest and his wife were a huge blessing , in fact even thinking about this makes me teary eyed . My husband is getting stronger now and looking back at to that time seeing how weak he became physically to now is remarkable. Yes , he still tires out after a long day but he is stronger and doing so much better. The diagnosis is still a mystery . Through it all though God was there in each and every step. At this time my husband is stepping out on a business venture , something that has been on his mind for a long time now. New chapter in our life, this business .                                                             When you feel that life is throwing a curve ball , step back and see where God is helping or encouraging you. Don’t let the trials of life strip away happiness. I will leave you with two scripture verses from  Phillippians . 4:4 Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say rejoice! and 4:19 And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Jesus Christ. Be blessed . Our Christmas 2012.Image


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