My life was missing out on something until my sister introduced me to the World of PINTEREST . I now see what a void I had without Pinterst. What ever did I do with my days before this discovery? Pinterst is the picture pinning obsessive phenomenon that is addictive . Is it ever . I have tried going days without it . Can’t go even a day. Memes are made about the obsessiveness of pinners. As if I didn’t have enough to occupy my day. Facebook, emails, blogs . I sometimes wonder why it has taken off . All it is are pictures. Beautiful glossy pictures . It’s like having your favorite magazines without the ads. I happen to have 130 beautifully illustrated “magazines” which I have managed to arrange in alphabetical order. Ranging from Accessories to Words. Some have 200 pictures others over 300 . They are all things that interest me. As much as I try to understand why pinterest is such a hit I realize it is very addictive as I mentioned above. When you pin just one picture it shows you a link or links to other boards that have pinned that picture and if their cover pictures are alluring enough you just have to open a new tab to check them out after you have finished the current one. Their are days when just one board has arranged for me to check out 10 other boards . I cannot fathom how it has gripped me in its grasp. I stayed away from it for weeks at the beginning but it started calling out to me until I could resist it no longer. Now I don’t think even an intervention could help me . P.S. You can click the P on the right hand side to check my boards out. If you dare. A warning: Pinterest Is Hazardous To your Daily Life.


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