This week in school

This Monday, yes I know it was a holiday, marked the first day of back to school .My youngest is in grade 9 this year. We keep a schedule that has been in effect since elementary. We have tried other schedules but this one works best. In order. 1.Bible -Bible and Bob Jones 2.Math -BJUP 3.Christian Light English 4.Essentials in Writing and The Creative Writer 5.Christian Light Literature and BJUP along with novels 6.Apologia Physical Science 7.BJUP Geography 8.Spanish and World View for electives this year. In math we are just finishing up geometry and when we are through that Algebra 1 will be tackled. I love math , something I’ve always hated I can now appreciate. Jared tackles it much more easily then I did in school. Must be his teacher. I have found the ultimate favorite Language Arts program. Yes , I know everyone has a favorite . After all these years I thought I’d give CLE a try. My oldest was not impressed with how Applications in Grammar was set up so I searched and searched until one day I thought to check out CLE’s web site.I had always been turned off toward them because of Life Pacs which were BORING. So upon seeing how the layout was I purchased them . My 9th grader doesn’t like diagramming very much but guess what? Since the switch he is learning how anyway. Yes , there are certain things I wish him to learn that others might say “If he hates it way make him do it?” And to that I say , It’s important to me that he learns to diagram. Another discovery I made is Essentials in Writing . We haven’t gotten to far into it yet as it has been only three days but my son likes it, It is taught on video and then you write . It deals with paragraph writing , essay, compare and contrast essay and research writing. No creative writing so for that we have The Creative Writer which deals with fiction and poetry. When my oldest boy was younger he loved writing stories and poetry. I had bought Karen Andreola’s Story Starters and loved how he put the ending to the story . He created some funny stuff . My youngest because of his disability hated writing but know he’s okay with it. We used Handwriting Without Tears for him and it is a wonderful program. In elementary we used BJUP and I wish I had not changed in 7th grade to Abeka . I thought it would be fine as I heard good things about about Abeka and I got it for a song at a used book vendor at a conference . I then foolishly bought 8th,9th and 10th grade science as well . Not to knock those who like it , it was not a fit for us . None of us enjoyed it, we used the 7th grade and the 10th grade that year. Let’s just say that they were sold on consignment for others to enjoy. Unfortunately my son wanted to do Apologia in 8th and this year also. I bought BJUP biology and Chemistry though. I like to plan ahead when I can . Upon finishing Mystery of History vol 3 we decided to focus on geography this year . He loved MOH and was broken hearted that volume 4 was still in the works. I’m excited to begin the high school adventure and can’t wait to see where his interests take him. Having cerebral palsy there are some things that won’t be possible such as, surgeon or roofer. Maybe he will be an inventor, history teacher , lawyer /homeschool dad.


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