Thanksgiving turkey in September.

I love turkey and stuffing .I mean who doesn’t right. Every since I can remember turkey has graced our Thanksgiving and Christmas table with ham on New Years day. My mom used to cook the bird growing up and the smell was to die for. The last time my mom made a turkey for me was when my son Justin was turning 16 or 17 . We went up to Fort Mcmurray for the weekend and my mom said she’d cook a turkey and I would bring a cake. That turkey was the longest cooking turkey in history .  It was finally deemed ready around 9:30 but nobody was concerned because it afforded a longer visit and a delicious dinner. I was the turkey cook for my kids on holidays …..until last year….. we went to my sons for Christmas and he was making the turkey and stuffing. I’ll admit at first I was excited at the prospect of not having the “burden” of Christmas dinner. Now to be honest he did an excellent job with his mom and grandmas recipe. He did me proud. BUT I missed my job of cooking turkey dinner and so last year for the first time we had …not ham but turkey on New Years Day. One year my sister and I both cooked a turkey and stuffing for Christmas at her place. It was back in 2006 and hubby John was looking after his father and uncle who had received serious injuries in a car accident a few months previously. That was a good Christmas also with all my boys and mom and brother and sister together. Yesterday I cooked a turkey because I was craving turkey and the soup and dumplings that today will bring. Here is my recipe. My moms recipe actually ,now mine. This is for a family with leftovers next day. I don’t put exact measure for spices because everyone likes different amounts ,                                                                             Chop up: I package of chicken hearts and fry in 1/2 c butter or margarine. While that is cooking chop 2 onions , 1 bunch celery and mushrooms(I used a 227g package). When the hearts are brown add the vegetables until softened.I use for seasoning Goya Adobe all purpose seasoning, s&p, poultry season, and sage. Very basic.  I do add another 1/2 cup of marg/butter here but I like it moist and it’s always what I’ve done. Meanwhile have your kids tear up a couple loaves of white bread( usually I use 3 . Sobeys or Safeway bakery fresh is best) When it is softened mix into the bread and add enough chicken broth to moisten to your liking. Stuff your bird and with the leftovers put into a casserole dish and add to the oven last hour of turkey cooking time. Season the bird with the same seasonings you used for the stuffing. Cook at 350 until done. Depending on the size. Mine usually cook for 5 hours . Cover then take cover off to brown skin about an hour before. You can cover turkey in bacon or as my son did add butter under the skin for extra moistness.                                                                                                                                           ImageImage                                            


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