September 27

So today marks two special events in my life . Birthdays, my son is 29 and my grandson is 3 . It is fitting that they are both firsts for me. First born son , first born grandchild. When I look back at the early years it feels like just a year or two has by. As a parent those first steps they take or ingrained in your brain’s stored memories. When he was little he wouldn’t sleep so I would play with his hair and it relax him and he’d be sleeping in no time. As an adult this still relaxes him but thankfully it now falls to his wife to deal with. I remember in those days(1984) mothers stayed in the hospital 5 whole days and now they are home in 24 hours. I tell you those extra days of rest were a Godsend.  The first time I gave him a bath was a scary experience. Was I holding him correctly? What if I drop him ? I  had never changed a diaper before, was I doing it right? But as always happens to new moms we do okay, and to be honest isn’t the first one the trail run ? The guinea pig so to speak. The one where we learn to be a parent so that by the time baby number 4 comes we are champion parents ? Before you know it they are off to school so another chapter in their life begins. In elementary he was a KOP ( kids on patrol) which was a group of youth who patrolled the neighbourhood helping the police . He was a soccer player and was involved in track at school (going on to break a record in the 100 metre. My favorite moment was when he married the most beautiful girl . I have to be honest and say that she was the girl I wanted for him and was elated when they started dating. My son is a good loving man and I am extremely proud of him.                                                                          My grandsons who shares his birthday belongs to my second oldest Justin. I was there to witness his birth (as well as brothers) . Being a grandmother brings a whole lot of different in a life. Seeing him take his first steps , calling me grandma , rushing to the toybox to find his cars and airplanes, watching him and grandpa build with lego.                    


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