A Life Changing Experience : Part One

      Back in 2009  the pastor of the Spanish church service on Friday nights announced that they were planning a trip to Guatemala and would we like to go.  After much prayer we decided we could do this, and we secured our tickets and waited for January 30th. At the time we were looking after two little girls and my mother in law and sister in law volunteered to watch over them as well as our boys. We left at 3:00 in the morning for the airport and changed planes in Calgary for Mexico. Flying into Mexico City was so cool like looking down on a city made up of hot wheels cars and trucks and those  fake cities they make for train enthusiasts, very cool. We had a six hour wait there which left plenty of time to check out the various airport shops.                                                                                                                                                      Finally touching down in Guatemala City was a very emotional feeling for me. I felt as though I belonged there as if I was meant to be there. Travelling to the house we were temporarily staying at was an adventure in itself . We travelled a fair distance to a section of the city where the streets were quite narrow and teeming with night life . The house we were staying at was in a gated community . We were all so exhausted that night that we fell asleep in no time flat. The morning brought excitement to my heart and I couldn’t wait to look outside . This was my view. (To be continued)Image


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