A Life Changing Experience : Part Two And a warning alert

The first church we went to was Gracia Ministerios. I in all honesty had no idea what to expect all I knew was that the pastor was to speak. I have to admit that when worship started I was taken aback at how different it was here then back home. Everyone was dancing to the Lord . I wanted nothing more than to join in . I did but not with as much abandon as I would have liked. Yet. But that was a life changing decision and I am grateful for God showing me how different our worship in North America differed with other cultures. After the service we were called to minister to the people. Okay I am a little slow and not until that moment did I realize that we were to pray with them. Yikes talk about out of my comfort zone so I did what any other would do and I prayed with a teammate . To be more specific I watched and observed what was going on and then helped pray with others. I had never prayed for someone out loud before. I am going to put in a notice here at this point as a warning to what may be read in the future, just because I know some have differing beliefs than mine. I am a God fearing Christian who does believe in the supernatural. Not to be associated with those charismatics  that follow signs and wonders . So keep that in mind for future postings of mine. To get back to my story , this experience helped to shape who I am now and how I see myself. This is outside the church. There are armed guards everywhere and I will share our experience when my hubby and I and another couple decided to take a shortcut to the mall. Image


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