No Abridged Books Allowed Here

Today my 9th grader came to me and said he wanted to read Pride and Prejudice. He had just finished reading Little Women and the facilitator said that was a book he might enjoy. Peculiar book one might say for a boy. I did give him a choice between Little Woman and Animal Farm and I thought for sure he’d pick the latter but to my surprise he didn’t. And to my delight he enjoyed it. He loved relaying the exploits of the March sisters and it appealed to his love of history. Right now he is reading The Outsiders   by S.E.Hinton one of my favorites. I am not sure how long this love affair of reading will last with him as it comes and goes in waves. At least now it’s classic literature not that Around the World in 80 Days or the  My Side of the Mountain are not good reading , but I have waited years for one of my children to develop a liking for the classics. Although to be fair my 16 year old did enjoy books about Christians undergoing trials and persecution and missionaries going into hostile lands to share the gospel. Animal Farm will be waiting for him as well as a host of other books that are mandatory reading in our homeschooling adventure. Books that tell of political philosophies , worldviews and that appeal to his interest in history. That is the wonderful privilege of having them home you can teach to their interest. On a side note, today my husband had a day off work and he was the chemistry teacher for the day as a lab was needed to show the chemical changes in sugar.My son enjoyed having dad as his teacher for that class.  Image


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