Driving 101

The first car I remember driving was my dads Trans Am , it was silver and I really wanted to drive but …….got behind the wheel and started driving but chickened out . Got scared. Nervous.I was 15 or 16. Never drove after that until I was around 30. We had a Mustang and I drove it to the laundry mostly. I didn’t have a licence nor was there insurance on it. I was always careful to drive just there and back the same every time. One morning I was on my street ready to park ,the street was full as it was Sunday morning and we lived across from a Chinese Church. I sucked at parallel parking -still do to this day-and when I looked behind in the rear view mirror there was MR. POLICEMAN waiting to get by. With my heart racing I managed to pull off the best parallel job in human history. As he drove by he smiled and waved.                                                           A few years later when I went for my test I did a major boo boo. First I drove myself . Why you ask?  Living in the country with a husband who worked and 2 kiddies usually we’d get dropped off somewhere and bus it. But I thought I would drive so sure of getting a permit. So in I walk after parking and proceed to pay the cashier points to the driving instructor…..WHO HAPPENED TO BE SITTING OUTSIDE SMOKING AS I PULLED IN WITH TWO KIDS. My my what a dilemma but I already paid so off I went. It seemed to be going well but being nervous anyway I drove on  curb as I turned  a corner.I failed. WHY? Because I drove myself then I was told that if I drove myself away she would phone the police. Hmmm, I waited for a bit then drove away went to Canadian Tire. I can’t remember why but I do remember locking the keys in the van.Luckily first born had a jack knife or something and unlocked the door. I thought maybe parking would be wise so I parked at the mall and we went to the Fringe Festival. Time passed and we went to pick up hubby GUESS WHAT? YUP I blew a tire on the curb. Can you believe that? Not turning just driving straight. That experience turned me into a scared to drive again because I can’t drive driver. It would take years before I’d drive again.                                                                              My youngest needed to go to appointments at the Glenrose weekly and my father in law would come weekly and take me( husband worked out of town ). I eventually decided that he couldn’t do that anymore as he lived 3 1/2 hours away, that and the fact he drove a propane truck that smelled yucky and he had the heat cranked up full blast . So those factors led me to seek God to give me the confidence and courage to drive. I started driving the suburban to places close by and then I went for a road test in our county town. I failed so I did what I should have done long ago I booked at another town the next day and PASSED. Soon after I became the owner of a red mustang. That thing took forever to get up to speed and climbing hills was sure to slow it .  My first road trip alone was to take second born to camp . I had the route mapped off and off I went. Got there without incident and left without incident. Then it got dark and I got lost. I was in Vegreville and stopped at the store to get my 1 and 3 year old an ice cream to keep them happy while I decided how to get home. GUESS WHAT? Yup , locked the keys in the car. Finally got AMA to come and decided that the smartest thing to do was get a hotel. The next morning I was home in no time at all.                                                                                                                      I have had many vehicles since and some were duds like the k car I drove for a month . The thing was hideous and the fan belt squealed all the time and blah..blah…blah. Horrible. There was my Malibu that I got for Mother’s Day that I loved. A mishap with a semi put that baby to rest. There were two cars that were gifts a Pontiac and a Malibu(not related to mother’s day). The newer Chevy Venture that the insurance paid for but the transmission went less then a year later. The vehicle I now drive is a 2013 Caravan. It has everything I need; stowaway seats, back up camera, dvd player, sirius radio( my favorite). Thank you God for the courage and blessings .


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