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I love cooking for people and Christmas is no exception. In fact, in the past it has been the highlight of the year. Cooking meals for friends and relatives get me excited. Of course there is that moment of apprehension ” Did I do a good job? How does it taste?Will everyone enjoy it?”                                                                                                                                                                                     When the church we were attending had after service cookies and coffee I baked something every Saturday night to bring along. Potlucks were when I’d try out a new dish because nobody knew who brought what usually. When we had our church at my mother in laws I’d prepare supper and sometimes invite everyone beforehand. Sometimes the pastors family would bring something for all of us to enjoy which I never turned down. The ladies are terrific cooks. One time I got the recipe from my friend the [wife of the pastor] for her tamales.We love tamales and I must say they were delicious. When we would host church events and our little congregation would get cooking look out.                                                                                                                                                                                 Christmas is the time to experiment with new recipes and make the tried and true favorites. My husband loves sugar cookies and last year we discovered that our daughter-in-law is sugar cookie queen.To be honest in the past I might have felt a twinge of jealousy but now I am pleased that she can because to be honest she creates pretty cookies. Meticulously executed, I am proud that my son married a great cookie baker. Actually I need to interject a fact here.All my sons are great cooks. When my husband brought home buffalo my oldest son made the best steaks with it.My third in line is a terrific baker and enjoyed creating cakes. Okay back to what I was saying. I have always enjoyed cooking the turkey and stuffing , mashed potato/turnip/carrot  and gravy with new sides featured every year. Dessert had to be special. I’m a cake girl so the one favorite was a triple layer pecan cake : http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/butter-pecan-layer-cake. I get the majority of recipes from Taste of Home and modify them to suit me. Cookies have been a favorite to bake but years ago I loved making bonbons especially chocolate covered cherries. My husband has a favorite cookie which is a candy cane snowball with cream cheese/candy cane filling. I don’t use peppermint candycanes but cherry flavoured. Not a peppermint fan. I love eggnog not store bought but homemade. This year the youngest son wants thumbprint cookies with hershey candy cane swirl kisses.Last year we went north to my oldest sons place so I didn’t bake as much as I had in the past and this year is no exception as we are going up north again. My sister at http://ourlittleplaceinthesun.com/ is a very good cook also. You might say and it would be true that my family are great cooks. Thanks mom for passing that cooking dna to your girls.This year I’m cooking the turkey and my daughter-in-law a ham . Also I’m making a vegetable salad and dessert. There was a time when I would do it all myself not accepting help or another cook “in my kitchen” but those days passed last year when I resigned myself to the fact that yeah I can do it all but why deprive someone else the joy of preparing a home cooked meal. 



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