Guatemala 323

When we were in Guatemala our Guatemalan friends left us, I believe, to visit relatives. We and the other Canadian couple we were with decided to take a trip to have lunch and go to the mall. We decided to take a shortcut through a open field directly by our residence as we could see the mall from the window. Off we went to begin our excursion . We ventured into the field which had no gate or anything else to alert us that trespassing  might not be very wise. A couple hundred yards and we were interrupted by a Spanish speaking voice. Upon turning around we were confronted by a uniformed officer brandishing a gun. Not quite what we were expecting on such a lovely day. After getting across to us in Spanish that we were trespassing and we had better leave  the same way we came we apologized and left. Never being confronted by guards holding a gun in a very intimidating matter we never made the mistake of shortcut taking while there again. While it would have taken short order to hike to to the mall through the field we had to go the looooong way around. Up a very long hill and down another long hill . We eventually arrived at our destination. Here is a view from inside the mall looking out. Notice no glass windows .Image



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