What Not To Do At A Check Stop

     A few years ago my husband John’s grandma was celebrating a 90th birthday in B.C. and there was a get together planned for her. The four of us and our grandson were going early to visit and enjoy a family vacation. My eldest was to join us for a couple days on the weekend. We rented a Dodge Caravan to transport ,our luggage, my sons equipment , toys and everything in between. My son was to fly in and meet us at the Vancouver Aquarium . He was renting a car. A convertible Mustang . When he showed up we proceeded to have a wonderful time at the zoo with the young cousins and hubby’s mother , sister, brother and his wife. My little grandson had fun checking all the fish and penguins out. The belugas spitting water was a hit. When it came time to leave my two teenagers wanted to ride with their brother . No surprise there. Everytime I looked over at the boys as we made our way through Vancouver’s streets the boys were laughing enjoying the ride. Out on the highway I could only imagine. Anyway, we made it back to Abbotsford and had to stop at the church so that John’s brother could pick up his daughter from a youth outing. We had to drive through a checkstop which was on the road in front of the church building. No problem. We drove around towards the side of the church to a street that brought us behind it. We were just going to wait in the parking lot for them to gather their daughter. Well the next thing , my sons drives into the parking lot and starts spinning doughnuts and tires are squealing and the boys are laughing and my husbands is yelling about the police in front of the building. All of a sudden sirens are blaring and all you see are reds and blues flashing from both entrances. All I could do was be mortified and laugh. It wasn’t funny but it was. It was one of those situations that called for a photo op. My son who had just rented the car that  afternoon and just wanted to show off for his brothers did not notice that we were in the church parking lot that the police happened to be in front of. Needless to say the car was towed and that was one expensive stunt for him.ImageImage


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