To sew or not to sew

        When I was in junior high the home economics teacher had us girls sew a hat. We used blue jean material and it was supposed to look like this.ImageOf course mine did not , not even close. I’ve hated sewing ever since that . Flash forward into my 30’s. Christmas morning and a big sized box. Giddy with excitement to open it , I tore the wrapping off that only to see to my shock THE SEWING MACHINE. Now , my husband is usually 99%of the time bang on on getting me gifts. This was the 1%.                                          I have mended clothes for hubby all my life that was not the problem . The problem was that the mending job never lasted long before it reverted back to the original state, and feeling the need to help make it easier for me he thought this would benefit us (him). I had only used a sewing machine once before ,in my very early 20’s and made a pretty jumper. Actually I cannot even take credit for that as the instructor did 98%of the work. But it was really nice and I wore it to the Christmas party.                                                                                                                                                                               Flash forward back to said machine.I really tried , really . I made 3 sets of curtains a pillow and a dress for a little girl and mended a lot of clothes for hubby. I never did learn to make anything else . My curtains are plain jane ,long discarded . The only thing standing was the pillow that I had made. Not the prettiest but I had made it for my mom and she did keep it. Will I ever take up sewing? Maybe maybe not but I wish my home ec teacher would have pushed me harder.      


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