Heart Break City.

Having my 25 year old son Justin home was a joy . We had gone to pick him up from the Remand where he had been for about 5 months and he was being released into our custody. We never thought that the courts would allow that to happen but they did. Strict  conditions were the rule – house arrest- only allowed to work with his dad and that was it .He has two precious boys 4 and 2 and they were back at the house. We and their mom had told them dad was working and they had no idea that daddy was coming home. When we got home and the youngest woke up and saw him the happiest smile crossed his face. For the next few weeks whenever it was our weekend the kids would not let their dad out of site. Grandma and grandpa suddenly were not important but that was okay there happiness was too important. When the boys were not here my boy would go off with his dad and somedays would stay home. On those days we started spring cleaning. What a Godsend his help was with decluttering. This did not last long not even a month went by when he took off. He had been burning garbage and when he asked me if I needed garbage taken out I never gave it a second thought and handed him the bag. I was making waffles for lunch and asked if he wanted some now and he said no he ate not to long ago. After my 17 y/o son was done he left to go to town . After a bit I went outside and couldn’t find him. Calling his name did not yield a response. I went in with a bad feeling and called his phone and he texted he was out back. Never thought much of it untill I told him to come in and thats when he said he left. My heart felt like it was ripped out of me. Devastated I pleaded with him to come back before it was too late and it was a mistake he was making . “What about the boys”, I pleaded . I hated the thought of having to call his dad and telling him but it had to be done. His dad was ready to go and pick him up before it went to far but Justin said no and we had no idea were he was so left with no other option we called the authorities as we were on the line for his bail. For three days my emotional level was a wreck and I felt myself falling into a depression but on that third day I had to tell myself he was a grown man and not a teenager anymore and with the strength that comes from God I stood up and as David did in the bible in 1 Samuel 30:6  and strengthened myself in the LORD my God. When the little ones came over to visit they were heart broke not to have daddy there. My son is a drug addict and has been since his teens. The devastation that meth wrecks upon families is horrible. It leaves behind a trail of brokenness. On Easter he called us to say he had been arrested and as a parent relief flooded our being . No parent or sibling wants to worry and pray that nothing happens to their loved one. This is not the end of the story but the middle . The ending has yet to be written but their was a beginning and I feel the need to share our journey up to this point with you. If you will allow me. 


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