Once Upon a Mother’s Day

I was watching an episode of Criminal Minds and a character was telling the FBI agent about her sister thinking that helicopters were following her. The agent said that was common in drug addicts. Well let me tell you about a Mother’s Day  7 or 9 years ago. The years sometimes meld together in a sea of messy memories. My Justin was not living at home and I was picking him up from the city very early. My other boy was getting baptized that day and it was Mother’s Day so he was coming out to our place and church. After picking him up we left the city . He was still high and all the way home he was certain there were helicopters following him . I told him it was paranoia from the drugs which appeased him for a few minutes and then he would start about it again. Once at home he slept for a bit then we went to church without further delusions.I will not pretend to understand what was going on his mind. It saddens me to remember such occurrences . Today he had more charges against him withdrawn , this happened at his last court date a couple weeks ago. I wish he had not decided to leave and instead  stuck it out. The decisions we make affect our lives and those who love us. A bad decision though no matter how big is never the end. If we realize our folly and want to set things right , if we want a better life it all boils down to trusting Jesus . Romans 10:13 says  For “Everyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be saved.” That is some truth. Nothing we have done in our life can keep us separated from Him only ourselves. Jesus can help a drug addict , an alcoholic, a liar, doesn’t matter who you are. Sin is the same. I am a sinner who called out to the Lord. 






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