So a lot has been going on. Way back at the end of June I went to house sit a cat for my brother. She is not a friendly cat hates everyone but my brother. So everyday I went to feed and let her out. She would hiss at me when I came and when she was done would run away to hide. I’d go sit out and wait to see if she’d come out but no. One time I got to pet her and I felt special although I was half expecting her to scratch my eyes out. I knew a girl in elementary who had an eye disfigurement from a cat scratch and was a little worried about the outcome . She let me pet her 2 1/2 times. 1/2 was when she turned and hissed at me and I stepped back not wanting to upset her.10151980_4351491321911_4412551440754461408_n Her name is Alpine.


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