Puppy and a Parade Oh Boy

My son and his wife went to Disneyland and as a result I got asked to watch Lulu. This is Lulu10341505_4377751618402_8262493508695917408_n. Sweet little maltese teacup. Complete opposite of Possessed kitty. I took my son with me . That was a challenge because he has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair and the house is nothing but stairs. We worked out a system of butt scooting and we did all right. Didn’t do much but drove around quite a bit and went to the cinema. Like I said stairs to go up and down .10151400_4105811660073_4859626959780123840_n This is the front , back and inside more stairs. But it was a nice 3 week getaway. Being country for the last 17 years it was nce to get that city experience such as the first day. We hear this weird singing coming toward us. Turns out there was a celebration for some deity . 10402671_4347843510718_4061998494804942275_nTo be honest at first I thought it was a call to prayer, but as it got closer I heard hare krishna being said . Then we saw the little parade coming. Don’t see that often , not even when I lived in the city.


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