A new day

This morning  I looked out the window and down at the street life going on ,no longer enjoying the peacefulness of the pastoral life. I have transplanted  from the country that I have had a love/hate relationship with to the city . This neighbourhood is where you find your homeless population. How did I get to be here?

For a while now the move to the city has been on our minds , you see the house we lived in has encountered many problems over the years and everything was/is going from bad to worst .People always hire a house inspector . We did not. Now we are paying the price. That’s all I will say on the matter.

Because my son has a disability finding proper accommodations was a challenge. Giving my limited income it was twice the hardship. After three long months of waiting we got this apartment downtown.When I first looked at it , I couldn’t imagine myself in it as going from house to apartment was a shock. My boy could though was different  , the only thing he saw was the WALK-IN SHOWER ,that sold him. All other places were too small for a wheelchair or too expensive and were not for disabled people.

Looking out my windows I see either the downtown skyscrapers or the bottle depot where the unfortunate bring in there bottles and sometimes share there full bottles with each other. Other times I see them on the steps involved in drug activity. When it was warmer a few would often sleep on the steps of the depot. Eighteen or nineteen years years back we moved a few blocks from here into an older house with tons of character, built in the early 1900’s ( just my guess). The first night we had moved in a knock at the back door revealed a man and a woman who asked if they could go through the garbage that the landlord had in the back yard awaiting a trip to the garbage. I said okay and they thanked me. That was weird  . Over the months our house became a refuge for a few of the neighbourhood kids. One was a girl named Heather whose family lived behind us ,she always wanted to come over and hang out with me . She was nine when I last saw her on her birthday. Over the years I often wondered how those kids were. A few years ago I was stunned to see in the news that she had been killed at the lrt station. The sadness I felt and the thoughts I had that I should have tried to contact her somehow like I wanted. She still looked the same  as I remembered.   My boys went to school on Jasper ave but that is a WHOLE other topic for discussion . I didn’t mind the area. Still don’t. To be honest though I was at first thinking noooooo. I envisioned different neighbourhoods to live in. This is great though a few blocks and there is the downtown library, churchhill,  a scenic view of the river and so much more. m  The area we live is called The Quarters.

I miss: the sunsets and sunrises ; My Christmas tree outside; my dogs ; the peacefulness; birds singing; my fireplace.

Do not miss the long drive to town and Especially not the winter roads.


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