My son is 16 . He has cerebral palsy. He is a normal teen. Loves video games, hockey and baseball. Love being outside. He is pretty much confined to a wheelchair. Has a walker which he uses a bit but can’t stand for long periods. He used to walk and run even played a season of soccer when he was in the single digits. When he turned 10 his ball socket in his hip started wearing away . At first it was thought he was having trouble walking because of a fall he took . But over the course of maybe 6 months it became worse and we found out about the hip. He was an avid bike rider and misses that .He would love nothing more in the world then to be able to ride a bike again. Earlier this year we attended a bike lending event . Unfortunately non of the bikes were suitable . The problem is because of his hip ball joint being eroded down it makes it hard to peddle straight up and down. Also, the only suitable bike sits to high making it unstable for him as it was way to tall . This bike you see pictured below was a perfect fit , not tall, peddles positioned far enough in front for comfort and ease and a support bar to hold his right leg in place so it doesn’t slip off in an uncomfortable position. The only problem is the bike is not a loaner and is only available to purchase. It is unattainable for us . This bike is everything Jared dreams of . Would you please consider helping him attain his dream of riding a bike again. Thank you. -Cynthia       



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